The most often imperfections questions and answers on them:

1. The subject:I not can enjoy Tracking on Forum, not can enjoy subscription on themes.
Answer:you for this need to garner 2 messages in themes, where not disconnected counter messages - and the entire package services will your.

2. The subject:Don’t can to rule their posts.
Answer:Edit their messages you can having received 16 and more messages + since registration should pass not less 5 days.

3. The subject:I not can start pressing hard on button, "Thanks" - she not works.
Answer:this a glitch resource - in some podforumakh she reallyy not works, however can be start pressing hard on plus in respect under Avastar - this the same.

4. The subject:I wrong 01.05.2001 (and) the headline fika. As me his help?
Answer:Edit headlines can only moderators and administrators,. Give exile on goddamn - and you all by first.

5. The subject:I not can to vote for favorite goddamn in feste.
Answer:you needs to garner 16 messages in themes, where counter messages included and since registration passed more 5 days.