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I. Oh Forum(post 2)
II. Cyber horribles(post 3)
III. The main bans(post 4)
IV. Registration users, statuses and designation(post 5)
V. EU location works and acronym(post 6)
VI. Moderatoriy(post 7)
VII. Rights and duties members administrative groups(post 8)
VIII. Recommendation users(post 9)
IX. , see Glossary(post 10)



I. About Forum

1. This forum acts in accordance with legislation Russian Federation and Treaty open offer (this Agreement) with company LLC “Personal forums have ” (Greater giveaway forums mybb, forth and everywhere: Greater mybb, Greater).

2. Forum created for communication, the rag he of text works, in basis of which lies the world, created by Joan v in cycle books pro Harry Potter's (forth “fanfikov ”), original literary the writings, fanfikov for different books, tuned and risovannym multiplikatsionnym tuned in-style “-Class anime ” (forth simply“ anime ”), of various kinds krossoveram.

3. On Forum can demand your art containing description of sexual relations of various kinds, including description of gay relations. Data art marked specifically created by system ratings, now the American kinoassotsiatsiey (detail — see R. V to / to “What").
Attention: Faces, not reaching 18 years, and also faces, for whom unacceptable hint or description of unconventional relations in literature and, let-creativity, convincing PROSBA POKINUT NASh SITE!

4. On Forum permitted to publish ONLY their art, either on special resolving author under providing appropriate evidence this resolution – skrinshotom (that smile), in which present and clearly visible according worded, one author and his consensus on the display on Forum from his behalf.
- If you want invite author with 3rd party resource, needs about his intention first put in prominence member horribles, and only obtaining permission on invitation particular Yourselves, write letter.
- forbidden putting plagiarism (someone else's goddamn under their name, goddamn, containing direct borrowing from text other authors, read more inoyazychnogo fika, Contingency for own the).

5. On Forum there is system relations, unifying in itself 3 podfunktsii: Respect, pozitiv, assessment office. All they are interconnected and climate stakeholder one of them affects the rest. Type of assessments — only pros.

6. On Forum there is system punishments for violating established rules behavior. She includes in themselves system warnings (detail — see Ways of payment). R. VI. "Moderatoriy")

7. . Forum EU judgements are for all visitors Forum. Neznakomye rules not absolve from responsibility.

8. Except real rules have us act also rules to use Ton. All visitors and participants must respect themselves and their interlocutors.



II. About horribles Forum

1. Administration Forum consists of next categories users: the Massachusetts General the Administrator:this the user is founder and owner Forum. His decision is mandatory to thwart all categories users, including Administration Forum. the Administrator Forum: Replies for observance rules Forum and legislation trades abroad on a time. Decides disputes all levels and is official representative resource in networks Internet. Supermoderator: Replies for observance rules Forum, resolving the disputes between users. Possesses all rights its Administrators. the moderator partition of (the moderator):she said for observance rules Forum in-binding for him section, resolving the disputes in vverennom him section.

2. Administration leaves for a the exclusive right:

- unilaterally contribute changes in rules without notified participants Forum;
- to accept measures to protect interests Forum from unfair competition;
- apply measures impact to violators rules Forum;
- use all provided color of in the text posts (messages);
- encourage users partition of and Forum;
- transpose themes and individual posts, not appropriate topics Forum, in an opportune podforum;
- turning a blind or remove themes, violate established order and conflicting rules;

3. Opinion horribles can not be identical with point of view authors publications.



III. Basic bans.

Enumerated below deeds banned on Forum in any the form of. Their transaction it courts attention moderators and the use of adequate measures with their hand.
- bans extend on messages, name those, signature, profiles and avatars.
- Outposts and themes, not countries by demands, are removed, modificabili or move.
- In dependence from extent of gravity violations the user is punished by either a warning, either blocking account.

At Forum flatly prohibited from:

1. Use any information, contrary to law Russian Federation, and also calls for Criminal Court action and violation incumbent legislation. The deployment materials and of expression, leading to the provocation social, racial, national and religious discord.

2. A public discussion action leadership Forum, attempts inflaming scandal from-for any action administration.

3. Propaganda and discussion drugs, the deployment any content, not correlative topics Forum, use avatarov, detailing the scene violence either men from frankly male sex character.

4. Disclosure secrets embodied personal of e, tweeting dick of e on e-mail, BOS, "icq" and camping on D. Without the consent authors of e.

5. Waging discuss in topic fanfikov - his can be to wage only in a special topic to discuss.

6. Flame (dispute sake of dispute). Skandalizm and bargaining of on Forum. Prophet in worded another user or whole groups users. Attempts trigger negative in its worded, worded another user or groups users. Crude expressions, has, transition on personality, discussion personality qualities interlocutor. Elucidation relations, nenormativnaya vocabulary in any form. Insult users on racial, social, national, gender, professional and any Different profiling, provocations, fomenting discord between users on soil differences faiths, dissent with point of view user in any issue, imprisoned users. All critical reviews on fickie must be argumentirovannymi, 's location, and remarks to transcript - backed by evidence. For vituperative reviews Presidency Forum will the jury warning or ban, in dependence from extent's interference.

7. Flud. The deployment useless for Forum messages. Such can be:
- very short messages, zasoryayuschie themes,
- very long messages, such at themes,
- messages, not having a hostile semantic burden: Containing in itself begun "water", messages, containing alone emoticons or alone pictures of the.
- the deployment twin those in several podforumakh,
- the deployment several messages consecutive, if although would one thing of them could be classified as Flud (if want something add to counterbalancing former account, Koristuytes button of “Edit ”).

8. Offtop, camping on E. Publication messages, not to Lieh the main topic discuss. A slight retreat from themes perhaps, if it is happening without damage the main topic discuss. Offtop can be brought forward in another subject or removed Administration without warnings.

9. Spam, camping on E. Advertisements any outsiders to resources, in including with fikami on SOEs, goods, ??????, services, games.

List of references, legitimate on Forum:
9.1Links on diaries user in themes and in signature;
9.2Link on certificate nikneyma;
9.3Links on outside resources at SOEs with fikami, which there is no on our Forum, permitted park only in podforume "Search fanfikov and oridzhey. Storage facility of references ";
9.4The other the reference, a coherent with administration. Mentioning about harmonizing should be released to the public near with refers.
Are permitted exile only closed type. Turning a blind exile need the next way:

[url=http://....]наименование ссылки[/url]

10. The creation provocative, overlapping those.

11. Rozsilka invitations on other resources (read: Violently advertisements other resources) by BOS.

12. The deployment in governing (except special those congratulating her), fireworks the images without hiding their under cat (spoiler) (detail — see R. V. “EU location works and acronym ”,“ EU the rag he the images - photographs, drawings, collage, gif-animations ”)

13. Use to write posts any flowers, except black. Exception - themes congratulating her in podforume "the Magical messenger."
Other color of left behind in moderators.



IV. Registering the users, statuses and designation.

1. Registering the users

In ties with presence of seed vysokoreytingovykh the writings on Forum introduced system registration on Neunica.

1.1 by registering on our Forum, you thereby acknowledge the next:

- you already founding 18 years, and you alone are full responsibility for provision untrusted data about age;

- you alone are personal responsibility for maintaining in secret and use (in including unauthorized) their identification parameters (nickname and parole);

- you fully realize, that forum can contain information ,-centered only on adult audience;

- you not chase use materials, provided on this Forum, in is case, if the use of such materials prohibited from sitting local, public or international legislation;

- your participation in this Forum not is sanctioned in your country.

- you familiarized with all partitions Rules Forum and agree abide by all stated demands.

1.2 Choice nikneyma• is exceptional right user Forum, however in as a nikneyma forbidden use:
• a needless set of letters or numbers;
• unqotable words, expression (on any language), UTF them expression or words / expression that can be experienced as unqotable;
• street address email;
• street address Web sites (outside dependence from better targeted their activities).
• nickname, the avatar, signature, status user (detail — see R. 's, see Glossary)

1.3 Absolutely forbidden registering the nikneyma, somehow backup nickname another user (in including visually similar online usernames).

1.4 s or climate nikneyma after registration are possible only by appeal to administrator Forum or the publication requests in appropriate topic. In avoiding big confusion ieeia authors and rest forums climate nikneyma permissible not more often, than:
• To simple user limit changes inductors in year - 2 (one times in six months)
• To authors: - 1 (1 times in year) with very serious rationale for reasons and the indication just list of their works for amending in cap fikov a new nikneyma author. Without this change inductors produced not will.

of Cause change of inductors must be by objective! For applying search term on climate inductors needed:
- point to what one is changing on what
- clearly and in justify reason changes inductors

1.5 Zapreschena neodnokratnaya registering theone user outside dependence from goals, with whom such a registering the is conducted. This violation of is extremely serious and leads to block all interest recorded.

Since Forum are removed:
- users, zaregistrirovavshiesya two or more times without the consent on the horribles;
- users with nicknames, predisposed Prophet (type "all towards");
- users with nicknames, without semantic burden (type "65r7tgu6547").

In private information.

• In private (personal) information, provided to user Forum under registration or later, typically, administration Forum not tested.
• The administration Forum retains clean like never publicly information about the Web in secret.

2. Statuses and designation

Statusy common possession:

User- 0-1 message- these forumchanam not availablethe next package services:
- Edit their messages
- the search for on Forum
- the vote in the polls

A ghost of Slytherin- 2-15 messages,since registration passed less 5 (five) days - these forumchanam remains unavailable the vote in the polls

Next follow statuses, in which forumchanam are available all enumerated services. They includes in group Slizerintsy:

1 course of Slytherin- 16-49 messages

2 course of Slytherin- 50-99 messages

3 course of Slytherin- 100-199 messages

4 course of Slytherin- 200-299 messages

5 course of Slytherin- 300-399 messages

6 course of Slytherin- 400-499 messages

7 course of Slytherin- 500-799 messages

Sorcerer- 800-999 messages

the Dark One Sorcerer- 1,000-1999 messages

Grand dark Sorcerer- 2000-4999 messages

then turn. Right hand Salazar of Slytherin- 5,000 messages

Special statuses:

contaminated set 50messages you can claim unique status.
For this post in this topic: To those who wants change its status

Authors (interpreters): the author the interpreter the author-the interpreter

They have status "the Treasure Forum"."there took of Slytherin"- a special title for best according to administration of Authors and Perevodchikov

This status gives the right on separate podforum in a special categories and the icon of the with signature "Prefect Slizerinskogo Forum."
Rules reception in the prefects enacted here

System visual as authentic various ranks and categories users: live for literacy announcements administration (flight beta). 'm the Librarian Slizerinskogo Forum. Replies for lists updates and collections fanfikov Federation. Assistant the Librarian Federation. Replies for the display fikov on permits authors received members of administrative groups



V. Rules location works and acronym

1. Acronym, imperfections in hats out there fikov and cuts.
Information in its time even to convene Allerans, Ideology revised and represented.


G(general) - fan fiction for audience any ages. Restrictions by age or extent mental sustainability there is no.
PG (parental guidance) - verbatim translated as "paternal leadership." In the text already can are kept ghost inklings on brutality, violence, sexual relations, homosexuality and camping on D.
PG-13- work this downgrade can be to read to individuals, which 13 fringes years. The availability of scenes violence, of curses (not be confused with language;, erotic the scene played polunamekami or remain "for shot." Detail can be to describe only kissing.

R(restricted) - "a limited." The FEC not recommended for reading audiences below 16 years. Such goddamn affects "adult" topics: Sex, violence, torture, suicide, homosexuality and others. Such the text not contains detailed describe these action.
NC-17(not children-17) - goddamn banned for reading officials, not learn 17 years. Contains erotic the scene, the distinctive outright character (with minutiae), excessive brutality. Death one and more characters, propisannaya with minutiae, enters in this rating. Also in this rankings permissible the explicit vocabulary, but this not means, that goddamn should Ideology be heavily loaded - all well to community.
NC-21- the most high and relatively a rare rating. Such texts can contain in itself detailed description of torture, various sexual pathologies (pedophilia, that's necrophilia, bestiality, a sado-M) and other while we things, capable damage psyche young readers, so work this downgrade we strongly recommend to read only to individuals, already which 21 year, on its fear and risk.


Action / Adventure(V.O. / adventures) – such genre requires, to in fike was many different rural, for example, as in movies about Lara Croft, James Bond or with the participation Jackie Chan. But not peregnite stick: Cannot be to describe only different tests (as the case in computer toys), in fike should be development Aoyama, disclosure personality heroes and their relationships.
Angst(angst) – category tragedy, where heroes experiencing a wide spectrum deep emotional away.
BDSM- this form of personal relationships, based on dominance and Swords, and also on the principles security, voluntariness and soundness (adopted acronym from English words safe, sane, consensual - SSC). Acronym BDSM consists of three parts, rasshifrovyvayuschikhsya as name three basic elements of this complex and of controversial phenomena: BD (bondage & us famous - tying and discipline), ds (VII & and 1000 - dominance and subduing) and sm (Sadism & masochism - September and masochism). Mentioning this abbreviations, as genre, mostly, means, that his ratings not below labeled r.
Darkfic(darkfik) – history with record number of death, violence, cruelty and pain. Florid describe and fatal chance. Often ends death, at least, one individual.
Deathfic— fan fiction, in which one or several heroes die.
Drama(drama) – Eurystheus history. On first glance than something reminds Angst, but not quite. Angst affects domestic the world hero or atmosphere relationships two or several man, drama replies for foreign environment, for atmosphere the most actions.

Humor(dubbed) – on-my, not needs in our opinion. If you bet such genre, then should be funny not only you. And not worth tumble down until of banality - this does not one thing and the same.
Romance(romances) – the initially is focused on development precisely place relations between by some, and sometimes and all characters.
PWP(WCC from the Tribunal) - full name - plot? What plot? ("The plot? What the plot? "). Ostentatious, but meets option porno without plot - "porn without Aoyama." This history, written by a exclusively sake of create sexual adventures without Aoyama and abstract events. Requires downgrade not below labeled r.
Parody(parody, banter) – more khlestkaya variety humor. Allows absolutely any Alexey steps, including the most unimaginable. In this talent, can be at shortcomings heroes, making their gipertrofirovannymi, can be laugh over morning appearing battered it, can be write the, monastery were protected by prejudice something author, but, too, disseminating his stamps until absurd.
prior(poems) – this, think, not needs in explanatory, but remember, not worth rifmopletstvovat, better write anti prose, than of a talentless poems. In my opinion.
Filk Hall of / Songfic(songfik) – narrative, inspired by bones of or a common atmosphere any songs. Often the text this songs peremezhaet narrative.
crossover (software) / x-over /(crossover) - this genre allows to connect in fike utterly different art, for example, "Harry Potter's" and "removed the rings", or "Zacharovannykh." Heroes in it meet and then act together (or have been feuding).

the AU today / alternate PDA /(the alternative reality) - there are several types of such reality:
The first, heroes SOEs find themselves in world without magic, in space or in past (not in is, that have flushed st Roh). In such a case unchanged remain only characters the principal art, and everything else - and the world around them, and Alexey battles - belongs born author fanfika. Although, with my view, from falling heroes SOEs in space or in 3d max author the world should than something be conditioned, to this became interestingly fans SOEs, and in nemagicheskom world heroes potteriany must easily uznavatsya (appearance, habits intrude, the nature).
The second, this when the author creates a fork in the in narratives, described D. K. R., and then comes the its expensive. To them belong numerous history travel in past, maintaining life deceased emperors leadership, own options continuation of epic Roh.
The, that goddamn belongs to this category, usually whilst alongside genre or in describing content.


Get(a gett) - category place and / or sexual relations between officials motley gender. Name is happening from candles name "by heterosexual" (there are in mind relations).
Slash(forward slash) – category place and / or sexual relations between officials one gender, more often between the two men, so as relations between women call "fem-slash" (fem-forward slash). Name, ironically, is happening from icon "/", which so and is called.
one- type of art, in which there is no place relations heroes, for example, as in first two sties together about Harry Potter to them.
Er... mixed- this fickie, in which in parallel fully unfold relations least two alliances: A gett and forward slash. Fickie, in which one of lines not revealed, and only mentioned or be revealed not an even trade relative to the other, mixed are not, and them accorded category the most the open palm lines.

toast/ point of view / - narrative from first faces hero fika.

Three recent acronym more often meet in genres, so as are an idiosyncratic complement to him.


Drabbl- the from 100 words, is either a passage greater art, either description a certain the scene;
Vignette (graphic design)- very a short history (from 300 words). In it must be fully be revealed some pristine thought.
mini-- from 1,000 words until 14 999 words;
midi- from 15 100,000 until 39 999 words;
maxi- from 40 100,000 words;

Other cuts, imperfections in describing or in heroes

OOC/ in EU of character / - when heroes commit actions and offer speech, untypical them in effect epic, but extremely desirable with perspective author, in signal touted this acronym with the indication behalf of individual, so “strongly izmenivshegosya for summer. ”
OC/ original character / in Russian version - ozhp, WMD, for (abbreviated from "some ingenious blockbuster" (feminine and male) or "a new blockbuster") - use in fike individual, inhabiting a author.
Mary sue(mary mix sue) / Marty sue(male option) - goddamn or squaring the history, in which the author lifts himself in as a foundations for one (or several) characters. More often thus guilty girls, wishing to to see themselves alongside is loved character. Either a new hero checked so idealizirovanno, that in him with hard is. The second option is possible rather in stebe.
Mpreg- a man’s pregnancy.
Incestuous relationship(Incest) — sexual interaction between members of family
Flaff(fluff) - nor on, warm relations between heroes, sometimes even several "these gooey."

Other acronym:

a sequel- continuation of fanfika / confirming stories with;
the Incepticon- the prehistory fika.
Vbokvel- slang name side-stori, i.e. art, based on original history, but describing other events with those same characters. Name of the others matching words "askew" and "a sequel" (continuation of).

2. The deployment and forging fikov and remittances.

- the newcomers today of Authors ask unsubscribe in amnesty Director of or to inform about desire demand your in BOS whom any of horribles. Message in group Avtory2should contain exactly bid and exile on pattern your creativity (on diary, friend a time and camping on D. If he you have still nowhere not is placed, then spisyvaytes directly with Administration.
- Please so same discern: By setting a powerful bid in group Authors, you automatically give the its consensus on the deployment your works in appropriate directories of our Forum, in including, in format FB2 also - through fayloobmennik.

- At Forum propagating your own fickie and remittances, and also fickie and remittances, allowed towards establishing their authors or translators. In the latter case necessarily whilst name of author and interpreter, and also his contact information.

- contaminated vykladke maneuver fika, if the author has advanced requirement about deploy references to the original of the, needs reconcile exile with Administration Forum, directing an appropriate request and huge screen, on which clearly are visible nickname author, worded email and conditions location in this subject.

- Themes with fanfikami have the right putting only users, bookmarked in group SHALL THE AUTHORS. All the authors, vylozhivshie their work, automatically entered in this group.

- contaminated using someone else's ideas, hero’s story an outline, stylization under the popular literature the needs celebrate this in disklaymere (refusal from rights) in hat fika with the indication behalf of author and name art. Plagiarism forbidden. Flatly prohibited from putting RPS — fan fiction, except mean-J2 controller.

- Since moment registration in group Authors you have 1 month for the rag he your works. If on expiration this term nothing footers are placed not will, you will breached in group, appropriate your status (see “Statusy and designation ”). After this procedures fouling bid in group Authors will be seen Administration separately under providing rationalizations absence of the rag he in previous times.

- In case, if you, as a author, auctioning the different old aliases at different resources, then in hat their fikov in graph "Auteur" always be sure to include in brackets all old aliases, under whom you registered in networks, in avoiding charges in your worded.

- Warning: Function "It’s a draft" on Forum not LLLT.

EU formalizing the:

Headeris shaped on scheme:
Name fika ~ Rating ~ Peyring ~ Zhanr ~ Size ~ Status (in work, completed)

Proteus: Hat fika, vykladyvaemaya in zero post, must look so:
Name: Full and the right name fika. (The size of the - 16, blue color)
fandom: Whilst only in those cases, when work not applies to world Harry Potter's or of the original?.
Auteur: Whilst full one author, and also in brackets his old aliases on other resources, if, indeed there are.
Co-writer: If he there is, then point to, in rest cases not to point fingers.
The interpreter: If goddamn semantically.
(Allowing on read more: Point to, of capital whether authorization from author. Permissible park read more without resolution, but with the indication attempts achieve his. If this not read more, string not to point fingers!)
Link on the original of the. - closed type [url*=адрес]name[/url*])
Beta / Gamma: - beta: Whilst one human, which rules goddamn (spelling, punctuation, Vast array: This, can be said, co-author, which helps author make. He can rewrite himself or jointly with author any scene, traced the plot, to not was "nip slips", edit goddamn in the single-style, traced, to heroes talked in inherent manner.
To point fingers so: Beta / Gamma: Name of / Name
Weapons (peyring): Not sostoyaschie in love ties characters are allocated through comma; if between heroes health policies amorous relations, then names implements affect through a badge of "/." In sleshe more often adopted does position heroes relative to icon their position in paired (have mandated / bottom).
Rating: Points, with no age can be to read goddamn.
Type (category): There are three basic - dzhen, a gett and forward slash, and one secondary – mixed.
Size: Vignette (graphic design), Drabbl, mini-, midi, maxi.
Catalogue: Whilst the main needs of, events. This point is needed for case directories. List parameters presented here: A theme catalogue fanfikov
Status: Completed, in work, well - to point fingers necessarily
for entertainment purposes only: Here you opt out from rights on source code and his heroes, whilst necessarily, if this not the Original.
the Summary (sammari, content): With a concise description of fika. Should not be long one, but obliged reflect the crux of the.
Warning: If there is, about than warn potential reader, believe me, better this do in avoiding fair charges in your worded. For example, can be warn about rape or excessive "second bloodiest" fika, efforts to suicide, torture, chensleshe, death characters and camping on D.
Allowing on the deployment(if goddamn your, string not to point fingers).
Link on a prequel or a sequel, if, indeed there are
Link on subject “Discussions ”(necessarily.

[b]Название:[/b][size=16][color=blue]Полное название фанфика[/color][/size]
[b]Автор:[/b]указывается полный ник автора, а также в скобках его ники на других ресурсах, если таковые имеются.
[b]Соавтор:[/b]если фанфик пишется в соавторстве, то указывается ник соавтора
[b]Переводчик:[/b]если фанфик переводной, то в графе "автор" указывается ник автора оригинала, а в этой графе - ник переводчика
[b]Разрешение на перевод:[/b]указать, получено ли разрешение от автора нерусскоязычного фанфика
[url*=адрес]Ссылка на оригинал[/url*])
[b]Персонажи (пейринг):[/b]
[b]Рейтинг:[/b]указывает, с какого возраста можно читать фик. 
[b]Тип (категория):[/b]Есть три основных - джен, гет и слеш, и один второстепенный – смешанный.
[b]Жанр:[/b]см. п. 1 данной темы
[b]Размер:[/b]виньетка, драббл, мини, миди, макси.
[b]Статус:[/b]Закончен, в работе, приостановлен - указывать обязательно
[b]Каталог[/b]: указывается основная тематика, события. Этот пункт необходим для тематических каталогов. Список параметров представлен здесь: [url=]Тематический каталог сФ[/url]
[b]Дисклаймер[/b]: здесь вы отказываетесь от прав на исходник и его героев, указывать обязательно.
[b]Аннотация:[/b]краткое содержание фика
[b]Предупреждение:[/b]если есть, о чем предупредить потенциального читателя, поверьте, лучше это сделать во избежание справедливых обвинений в ваш адрес. Например, можно предупреждать об изнасилованиях или излишней "кровавости" фика, попытках суицида, пытках, ченслэше, смерти персонажей и т.д.
Разрешение на размещение  (если фик ваш, строку не указывать)

Ссылка на приквел или сиквел, если таковые имеются [url=адрес]Название[/url])

[b]Ссылка на Обсуждение фанфика[/b][url=адрес]Обсуждение[/url])


Please- word the referenceare replaced under preserving messages on phrase Please here

It is important! The author SAMshould create themes discussions or turn for help to horribles.

Link on fan fiction[url*=адрес]fan fiction[/url*]) - word fan fictionlisted manually.

Attention: Discussion, an ongoing in the same topic, where regularly fan fiction - KATEGORIChESKI PROHIBITED!

“it’s! Each the head of the in the new post.

forbiddenwrite name themes ZAGLAVNYMI BUKVAMI.

So same in cap fika can be add shape of "from author" and express there increasingly, that not Commission itself say previously. Typically, write about's initiation whom-either, or his respect to fanfiku or canons.

All this applies and to costs, but the interpreter contributes in cap fika name of author, a novel name, 24 exile on the original of the.
According to adopted in fendome practice, the interpreter requests authorization on read more have authorand marks in appropriate grid remittances (turn to Siela). This will help you avoid renegotiation remittances and problems with vykladyvaniem and arkhivirovaniem fikov. If contact with author not broke a, you can posting its read more, but specify in hat fika, that request dispatched.

Frankly are illiterate fickie will shifting away without warnings.
In avoiding such situation we recommend authors take advantage of help bety, which will help edit goddamn.
If your goddamn “bad, but's a redeemable person ”, the moderator has the right provide you term for verification text.

How create subject discuss, a new subject?

If YOU in group Authors, then in any section with fanfikami, for example,

fickie in work forward slash, you have in right atop street cornerwill emerge commensurate-button.

By clicking its, you Open a new page such a species


In theiryou not will require none of tags over form of answer. Under division words are used either commas (for example, SOEs, the SS)and tilda (~)

~ -to insert this a badge of, need reverse keyboard layout have on a Britishand, press a left button, Shift, start pressing hard against Russian key ?


Below words warden write me a your message and click sendyou will see panel with buttons-evaluate existing systems.

contaminated creating a new themes you will need the next button(under be building on button, you will see its pop-up name): the size of the (14 and 16), bold, italics, emphasize and to cross out the text.

To change the text with the help these buttons, enough his point to and start pressing hard on the icon of the. The text here same with both sides will is surrounded by tags, for example,


*** 1-button in the list - the reference (on discussion, the sequels and category: Prequels, the original of the)

exile can be done only on the existing subject!

Under you click icons you will have discovered dialog box window, far need to deposit http :/ /(worded pages).

In the wake him the second making, to deposit name exile - original vary word Link.

Under his abandonment in post emerges the writing "Please here."

Needs reverse manually word Linkon Discussions


Name fika - color text (blue)

- turn NOTICE, that on Forum can be watch, as looks your message until his the.


After the messages you auctioning the opportunity his edit- living in lower right street corner every messages see appropriate footnote.
However proposal for headlines available only for moderators and administrators- if the headline needs in the process of fixing (reverse status fika, for example) - boldly don to vysheoznachennym people.


likewise appears theme discuss in one of two partitions

Discussions fikov on SOEs
Discussions fikov on other fendomam, oridzhinalov

And with the help editingis traded exchange references.

In the first post themes with fanfikom you re-insert exile on discussion

[url=http://...адрес темы]Обсуждение[/url]

In the first post themes with discussion you re-insert exile on fan fiction

[url=http://...адрес темы]Фанфик[/url]

3. Rules the rag he VIDEO

3.1 Vykladyvaemoe video should not run contrary a sitting law trades abroad;
Vykladyvaemoe video should not run contrary common rules Forum and service mybb •.
Reached 5.4 Video regularly on special media-khostingakh (defective-tubes, layvinternet, mail. Ru and other), directly on Forum is published a special code (script with hyperlink), which is refers on mediaresurs, containing file video.
2.5--3.3 contaminated the publication video whilst the next information:
- Auteur
- fandom
- Zhanr
- Rating
- Ispolzovannaya music and aeaai?ya (for authors)
- Rejection of Cement from rights on requiring listed copyrights and contiguous rights.
- To whom created this video (in gift whom), whilst one-" Videos "-plus contracting (moreover, whom is done gift).
3.4 contaminated the publication author or his representative several clips (from 5 clips one author) should create a separate subject. For this:
- Bankers can on their own create subject;
- Bankers can turn to, a moderator partition of or to one from administrators (supermoderatorov).
- So same under need can be ask moderator / administrator shifting (trail) posts with tome from themes invoicing clips in Star Gazing subject.
3.5 To invoicing of a video whilst the next information:
- fandom
- Zhanr
- Rating
- What music and aeaai?ya the customer wants to see in music video
3.6 These has instilled are compulsory to thwart around the partition.
To violators applies mini system punishments.
• rules service mybb - this custom agreement, which created and operates on the basis of Charter companies LLC "Personal forums have"

4. Rules the rag he the images - photographs, drawings, collage, gif-animations

- To themes congratulating her (with Day Alekseei, with other holidays, victory / the participation in festakh and camping on D.) permissible use, fireworks the images without hiding their under cat (spoiler)

- In any of rest those, in including and in themes the rag he arta (Photo-, let Slizerintsev), must be putting picture in the form of previews, and full-sized to hide the under cat (spoiler).

- In topic discuss fikapermissible put a three pictures of the in the form of previews, four and more the images in the form of previews lurk under cat (spoiler).

- Since special sites with pictures, employ about 135,000 teachers VV-codes for insert, and from the internet permissible put a’s dividing line of (one) and pictures of the size of until 200 • 200 pixels (not more 2) without hiding their under cat (spoiler). Pictures of the, exceeding these size, lurk under cat (spoiler).

Как регулировать размер превью
and we're choosing either 120, either 160 pixels

- Everyone pictures of the (seemingly), RAMdisk Authors in the text fika, (except dividing lіnіyok) lurk under cat (spoiler).

If you want lead the subject arta, then you can either do this would directly kill, either ask about this any moderator / administrator.
, let should be placed the next way:
Technics(not necessarily)
Deseret News pictures of the(if rating higher R, then picture or previews needs hide under cat with a warning)

5. Tags

In this topic are collected basic tags, which are used in consternation on Forum (the upper line windows "Rapid the answer"). So, start!


- tag choice delimitation of font (Arial, Times New and isand others. Outlined blue both the A in atop left street corner windows messages.


- tag choice size font (14, 16and others. Outlined two sound stuck Tbilisi - big and smaller.


- tag fat caseradelimitation of font. Outlined tolstenkoy both the W.


- tag delimitation of the italic. Outlined rapid downward spiral both the Napoleon I used


- tag podcherknutogodelimitation of font. Is denoted by capitalized both the U with chertochkoy the bottom.


- tag zacherknutogodelimitation of font. Is denoted by horizontally perecherknutoy both the S.


- tag alignment text on left the edge of. Is denoted by several horizontal chertochkami, part of of which longer than the with right-wing hand.


- tag alignment text on center (alignments). Is denoted by several horizontal chertochkami, part of of which longer than the evenly with both sides.


- tag alignment text on right the edge of. Is denoted by several horizontal chertochkami, part of of which longer than the with leftist hand.


- tag insert exile. Is denoted by icon in the form of points with pan-green circle the bottom.


- tag insert images. Typically, is used together with its corresponding insert exile. Is denoted by icon in the form of three colorful tiles with ramochkami.


- tag insert all video clips are, rollers. Is denoted by button of "Marroney" (white Saver with the triangle within).

Please! The next-button "hidden the text" (is denoted by clasp) on our Forum not works! Code function "spoiler", about which goes speech below.


- tag insert quotes. Is denoted by icon in the form of vynoski. However can be simply point to ensured the text in Summit and start pressing hard button, "quote."

[.code][/.code](без точки)

- tag insert code. Is denoted by icon in the form of white the scroll's with two blue eyes arrows.


- tag choice color of text (brown, Royaland others. Is denoted by icon in the form of color tiles.


- tag insert tables. Is denoted by icon in the form of a white placard, under Volcker caregiver number of lines for and columns emerge and other tags.

[.spoiler][/.spoiler](без точки)

- tag insert implicit text. Is denoted by icon in the form of the key does.

Загляните сюда)

? Otherwise this is called "to remove under cat"

The next tags highlighted by the icon in the form of arrows that indicate down. They the topic the names.


- tag insert behalf of user. Every the user sees its one.


- tag, under adding a which you will see, through what time after write messages it was edited, and there appeared nizhelezhaschie sink.


- tag markirovannogo text.


- tag text in atop index (nadstrochnyy).


- tag text living in lower index (descending stroke).


- tag horizontal lines.



VI. Moderatoriy

Moderators are not only one camera accountants on any questions, so request respect their labor and abide by demands.

Messages, published with violation of Rules, will moderirovatsya, and under impossibility of this operations - shifting away entirely.

Remember, that patience moderator not unlimited - to received, regularly and / or deliberately violating EU, will be applied the next measures to liking moderator:

- removing messages (Please! Removed messages not persist and not are subject recovery!);
- warning user in. You;
- a public warning (after three public warnings a participant translated in regime "only reading");
- a temporary read more messages or themes in regime premoderatsii (test messages before publication of);
- a temporary ban (the blockage) Twitter account user (from 7 until 90 days);
- clear ban (the blockage) Twitter account user.

Level of restrictions or type of warnings are selected moderator in dependence from disturbed points rules and availability of previously verdicts reservations.
All remarks or punishment this information will appear in "personal rating stakeholder" and are commemorated in topic “Azkabanskie dungeon. ”

Azerbaijani punishment.The administration can appoint punishment conditional support. In such a case no measures to anonymously be applied not will, but under negotiate yet another violating rules punishment can be have adjusted for previous violations.

Apellyatsii.User, as a the holdouts with solution moderator, has the right to dispute his decision in next order.

Step the first- discussion primenyonnykh measures with vynesshim punishment in BOS. The moderator owes to answer anonymously, publics yearning for discuss his actions, if the user turns through private channels ties and his their thought in in correctly form according to rules good tone. Sensible conversation most often leads to reassuring one of sides. In case if conversation was reduced to the fludu or has been conducted incorrect approach, the moderator has the right stop its. Under missing mutual understanding the user can turn to introductions of slap.

WWII step- command complaints. The user clearly his sequence and the crux of the previous events, its explanation and vision situation, and also clauses, on which he not agree with moderator, in BOS administration either same in podforume "amerikanskim director." Administration will this a complaint and walk away with decision, stayed the ultimate and not WagerWorks reserves appealed would persuade.

Administration, Kuzbass deal, can to accept various decisions, ranging with lifting moderator with office on reason incompetence or abuses authority and ending tightening punishment user on reason provocations and to the head false charges. Well increasingly vzveshivayte, above than go on the second step.

EU thematic subforums.At Forum permissible creation individual additional rules for various partitions. Additional rules should not run contrary present Pravil and can only supplement their. Before publication of all rules pass Limits Administration and assertion Main by the Administrator and are thus same normative act, as and EU Forum. Without assertions Main by the Administrator data and additional rules legitimate forces not have.



VII. Rights and duties members administrative groups.

1. Chief the Administrator, Administrators group - owners resource, to which appeal in case misunderstanding between moderator and user.

2. Moderators - users (or groups users), controlling observance Rules Forum.

3. Moderators appointed administration Forum from number of users Forum, zone / level of their responsibility also is determined by administration Forum.

4. Moderators have the right remove with Forum any messages (without warnings), which not fit rules Forum either destabilizing on Forum.

5. From all possible sanctions for violating user real Rules the moderator has the right choose any on its choice.

6. If behavior user by most accounts moderators / horribles destabilize environment on Forum, harms the Forum, to him can be applied appropriate sanctions (from editing messages until undoing account) even in the absence of formal violations rules.

7. Degree of culpability moreover or conjures user in violating rules is determined by moderators.

8. Actions administration and moderators Forum prohibited from to discuss. Messages that can be regarded as nothing more than as discussion action administration and moderators, immediately are removed.

9. The moderator on their own accepts decision in disputed situation. His decision not is discussed, however, in case dissent with him, can be appealed user by direction written appeal to administrator.

10. Although moderators this Forum strive to remove or edit inadmissible messages as can be faster, all messages view impossible. So we will grateful to, if requiring listed users will accept participation in the process moderirovaniya.
If any message on your glance violates any from Rules Forum, should write about this in podforume "amerikanskim director" either same BOS administration Forum. Under this desirable give exile on subject, point to Number messages, and also clarify, whom and what rule was violated.

11. Information, inhibit in Summit, a moderator, is a and not if it stops censoring its other users.

12. Legal system Forum not is pretsedentnoy. Every concrete case is viewed in individual order adjusted for all facts, in including not expedited immediate relations to inkriminiruemomu violation.

13. Administration Forum entitled weather neutrality in parts of estimates and decision-making in respect possible violations in is case, if tsunami that brought such potential violations phenomenon wears ambiguous character.

14. Administration Forum entitled to abandon consideration a certain case without explanations causes, ignore individual violations rules to its liking.

15. Decision about blocking Twitter account user Forum can be adopted moderators, and about the annulment Twitter account user Forum - only administration Forum.

16. Administration’s decision Forum on in this or issue is the ultimate and negotiable not subject to.

17. Letters, addressed to administration-mail traffic, containing the harsh and unqotable expression in its worded, not are seen, and to authors letters for vykazyvanie disrespect to administration can be applied sanctions.

18. Typically, administration Forum enters in "with user, if his request usually the and not violates real rules. However she not owes it:
• respond to all letters, coming in in its worded. For example, questions, answers on which there is in Rules or self-evident, can be ignored;
• where-either clarify the reasons, whom she guided by under committing those or other action.

19. Administration and moderators Forum leave for a right turning a blind excessively covered debate.



VIII. Recommendations users

1. Before crafting a new themes make sure, that such themes not there is, prompting a search for on Forum. Name themes should be informative, maximally clearly effectively expresses sense problems. Is not welcome themes with heckling names.
If you want to remove its subject, don to horribles Forum on exiled requests and remarks Theme 2either in BOS with the indication reasons undoing themes.

2. On Forum not welcome excessive use Naiaia?aciua, “padonkaffskava ” slang, and also chronic illiteracy.

3. Not that Spain use the avatar, identical avatars other users. In disputed cases the avatar remains for stakeholder Forum, which set the avatar the first.

4. If you want thank user, not worth write a short post in topic. Take advantage BOS or system reputation.

5. If you are unclear decisions ’, review the basic rules Forum, contact with Administration through BOS, e-mail, "icq" and try clarify situation. We will seek answer Your questions, if they will logical and justified.

6. Not't forget to read announcement and abide by data EU and rules, existing in every a special section.

7. Messages moderator, not below the to moderation, wear the private character and are not point of view administration!

8. Caveat Be careful what you post: In some podforumakh counter messages disconnected. Notification about this you will find on importantly page (on page, (model podforumy foruma- "kartina") in the parentheses here entitled podforuma.

9. Turn attention representatives other resources! In purposes adherence to morally-ethical norms invited authors for location published on Slizerinskom Forum the writings on their resources on territory Federation (open texts in Forum and through BOS) to send prohibited from! Violators awaits camp — on IP. Koristuytes other means ties (ICQ, e-mail and camping on D.)

10. If you want inform author about penozone you very / punktuatsionnoy / stilisticheskoy / hero’s story error, ask you to do this through BOS or in discussion to hide the under cat (spoiler).



Minutes. Glossary of

Avatar, avatar(persistent. Avatar) - your “face ” on Forum, a slight a static or animated image of the, Screen Name in profile the rate recorded user. On Forum the user can download the avatar size of until 200 • 200 pixels and 88 Kb (90 100,000 b). Permissible rating the images until PG-13. He can be stupid thought user on their own. Turn attention, that government interest record user, in progress contradicting common ethical norms the avatar, will immediately blocked.
The administration Forum- users, akess full set of rights on technical governance forum.
Account(persistent. Account) - individual government interest record user on Forum. In him includes personal data: Nickname, parole and worded email. The rest settings account not are noted and can be broadly similar with settings other users.
Ban(.; persistent. Ban) - closing anonymously access in a comprehensive dialogue between the by blockages Twitter account.
Zabanennyy the user - the user, whose government interest record blocked (temporarily either constantly).
bringing guest /- unchecked the user Forum, which permitted to only reading Diary the SS and Rules Forum.
I.M.H.O.,(persistent. "IMHO" s - civil my Food opinion) - “in my modest view. ” Expression of consumed, when the user Teplov its ???????????????????????????????? in any issue, not trying to offend opponents.
Linka(persistent. Link) - the reference.
Licka / BOS / pm- service personal messages on Forum; Pandora in domestic breakup system Forum. Through services personal messages recorded the user can privately communicate with other users Forum. Personal messages not absolutism are seen and not moderiruyutsya.
the moderator- the user, with full or a limited set of rights on governance partitions Forum.
Soap(persistent. Mail) - worded email.
Nick, nickname(persistent. Nick / nickname) - unique name of user on Forum, serving for identification user and allows distinguished his from other users.
Sabzh(persistent. Subj, subject) - directly theme discuss.
Spam(persistent. Spam) - garbage, many references to no one not achieve escape information, mass rozsilka advertising materials / messages.
offtop, present(persistent. Offtopic) - deviation from the current themes, discussion any issues, not associated with the main theme (problem).
Password- sensitivity-digital code, individually that long user under registration; serves for access (authorization) user on Forum and for protection profile user from warrantless access third.
Signature- automatic adding to each account user of text lines. Use signature in advertising purposes (in including, and for location street address site) without coordination with administration Forum prohibited from. Are permitted references to registration inductors and on diaries user. The reference for insert yuzerbara on Forum is disabled.
. The(persistent. Post) - message in topic.
category: FidoNet- “signing off under every word. ”
Profile, profayl(persistent. Profile) - personal page the rate recorded user, on which produced climate personal preset governance its Twitter Garanca and registration data (the reference available after passage procedures registration).
FS / PYSY / usage(persistent. PS) - postscript; hew ps in English register fit on the keyboard perceiving text or.
Respect(persistent. Respect) - respect; expression of consumed, when the user wants mouth its deference and respect Different anonymously.
Status user- one thing-two words, displayed under the handle user. Status depends on number of messages, dialed user. Also The administration can transfer personal status (see R. IV, Statusy and designation).
the filter- way to eliminate messages or themes on specified the key question of word and profiling.
Flame(persistent. Flame) - discussion, in the course which users forget about the original topic, are switching on personality, by telling disrespectful attitude to interests and beliefs interlocutors (dispute sake of dispute).
Flood(persistent. Flood) - publication messages, not Bell informational sense, and also publication vacuous messages.
forumchanin(the user Forum) - any visitor Forum, the past procedures registration and authorization.
Kholivar(from persistent. Holy war — sacred war) — exchange messages in Internet forums and chat rooms, representing a barren polemics, in which participants fiercely try to impose each other their perspective.
Proteus: Hat- the main the headline themes.

bon you pastime on our Forum!
With respect, The administration


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